《Mark Richard – 激發學習熱情,你也能幫學生內建語言轉換力》

Why aren’t students motivated, and what does motivate them? How can we motivate our students to engage in classroom activities? How can we help students to convert the language input they receive into language output? In these three videos, the presenter will answer common teacher questions related to motivation and output.

Language: English │ Course Length: 30 mins

《林玟伶 – 這樣學發音,挫折感不再!》


課程語言:中文 │ 課程時長:30 mins

《葉采旻 – 像吃美食一樣設計課程:閱讀活動心法大公開》

透過 Penguin 讀本,來和大家討論如何引起學生動機、如何引導學生進入閱讀情境及情緒,如何引導角色換位思考、如何設計閱讀前後的活動與討論。希望透過閱讀前、閱讀中、閱讀後的各種活動,讓老師輕鬆上手教學生讀小說。

課程語言:中文  │ 課程時長:30 mins

《彭若寧 – 英語不只是學科!用閱讀超前部署學生的聽說讀寫》

讓我們超前部署,藉著讀本閱讀幫助學生們打下聽說讀寫的基礎,並且在課堂中融入趣味的 STEAM 元素,讓英文不只是一門學科,也是學生們認識這個世界的另一扇窗!

課程語言:中文 │ 課程時長:30 mins

《Andrew Tiffany – 接軌世界,讓你的學生掌握學習脈動!》

In this session, we will look at ways to help our students explore our world, and how they can develop an understanding of values and behaviors that will serve them well in the future.

Language: English │ Course Length: 30 mins

《陳儷文 – 為每個學生搭建專屬的閱讀階梯》


講堂語言:中文 │ 課程時長:30 mins

《Cheyenne Maechtle – 一窺學生「樂於說出口」的教學技巧》

It is not easy for learners to initiate a conversation when they don’t receive sufficient input and are not confident. In order to help teachers deal with this difficulty and motivate learners to practice speaking English, we need to get students ready. Once they are set, they can talk in English whenever there is a real need.

Language: English │ Course Length: 30 mins

《張又之 – 省時高效的幼兒美語課,就從現在開始!》


講堂語言:中文  │ 課程時長:30 mins

《Andrew Tiffany – 拓展✕延伸 點燃學習的無限可能!》

With a good plan, we can help our students move onwards and upwards in their abilities. In this session, we will discuss some of the questions around these ideas and see how we can help our students reach higher.

Language: English  │ Course Length:30 mins

《Sunny Choi – 基礎兒美課程的 3 劑強心針》

Do your students tend to easily forget what they’ve learned after stepping out of the classroom? Do your students often seem bored in class? Have you ever wondered what to do to go beyond teaching just English? In this session, the speaker, Sunny Choi, will share ideas on the above problems and provide practical solutions to each problem.

Language: English │ Course Length: 30 mins