Do your students tend to easily forget what they’ve learned after stepping out of the classroom? Do your students often seem bored in class? Have you ever wondered what to do to go beyond teaching just English? In the following three videos, the speaker, Sunny Choi, will share ideas on the above problems and provide practical solutions to each problem.

要點 1 What Can We Do to Help Students Remember?

One of the problems that teachers face in the ELT field is that students tend to easily forget what they’ve learned after they step out of the classroom. To provide solutions to the problem, this session looks at three keys to help students remember what they’ve learned better. The keys include using repetition, actions, and personalization. This session describes how teachers can apply these keys in language teaching. If you want to know more about how to enhance students’ memory in fun ways, come and watch this session!

要點 2 Can We Go Beyond Teaching English?

Sometimes, teachers wonder what they can do to go beyond teaching just English. To make classes meaningful and dynamic, this session will focus at 21st century skills and Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) reading. It looks at 21st century skills from two different perspectives: teachers and students. It describes what kind of mindset and characteristics teachers should have in the 21st century and what kind of skills teachers ought to teach their students in order to help them succeed in the 21st century. If you are interested, feel free to watch the session to find out more.

要點 3 How Can We Break the Boredom of Young Students?

One of the worldwide problems in ELT classrooms is that students are often bored in class. Boredom makes it hard for students to concentrate in class and learn English. This session suggests three tools to help solve the problem. The tools include things that students generally take it as pleasure, such as songs, videos, and cartoons. This session describes how teachers can use songs, videos, and cartoons to break the boredom of young students and incorporate them to teach English. If you are curious about how to wake up your students, watch this session now!

Sunny Choi / ELT Education Consultant, E*Public

  • ELT Consultant and Teacher Trainer at E*public
  • Cambridge CELTA Certificate
  • Presented at the Korea Association of Teachers of English (KATE): Using an Animation Trailer to Enhance Listening and Speaking Skills
  • Co-authored an ELT book for athletes called, “Let’s Talk Athlete!”

Sunny Choi is currently an ELT (English Language Teaching) educational consultant for E*public. She has experience training teachers for Oxford University Press and A*List ELT books.

She has experience teaching English in private institutes and companies. She has an MA in ELT Materials Development from International Graduate School of English (IGSE).

She holds a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) from Cambridge English Language Assessment. Her interests include researching fun and effective ELT activities and developing ELT materials

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