In these three videos, the presenter will answer common teacher questions related to motivation and output. First, he will tackle the question of student motivation, revealing the most important factors required to motivate students, based on academic research insights from a significant study in Taiwan. Next, he will share more research-based tips on how to use video to motivate students and get them speaking. Finally, he will share how the ‘intensive input-output’ model works in the classroom, and argue that teachers should plan for more output opportunities for students in their lessons; this will show students the point of learning English, instill confidence in their ability to produce fluent English output, and help them to internalize language more effectively.

要點 1

Why aren’t students motivated, and what does motivate them?

要點 2

How can we motivate our students to engage in classroom activities?

要點 3

How can we help students to convert the language input they receive into language output?

Mark Richard / Educational Services Manager, Oxford University Press

  • Certified trainer for Oxford Teachers’ Academy
  • 20 years of experience of teaching and training in Asia and Europe
  • Favorite word in education: Curiosity

Mark Richard is a Taiwan-based trainer with twenty years’ ELT experience in East Asia and Europe. He has taught all age groups in various schools and agencies. As OUP’s Educational Services Manager, he regularly presents at TESOL conferences, and is a certified trainer for the Oxford Teachers’ Academy. He loves to fill his students’ minds with curiosity so that they work hard without realizing it and think for themselves.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3