Teaching English speaking is a difficult task especially for EFL teachers. It is not easy for learners to initiate a conversation when they are not engaged or are not confident with their pronunciation. In order to help teachers deal with this difficulty and motivate learners to practice speaking English, we need to create an environment that encourages students to work together. As they get used to talking in English in class, they can gradually acquire the ability to communicate in English in the real world.

要點 1 How to Keep Students Engaged

It is essential to arouse the curiosity of the class first. Then, we must connect our topics to real life. Finally, we need to have students see the bigger picture by having them think globally.

要點 2 How to Let Students Work Together

By varying our activities, we can foster collaboration. It is also effective to change up the units by using pairs and small groups. Employing creative presentations enhances students’ desire to work together for a meaningful goal.

要點 3 How to Practice Pronunciation

Students need to become aware of the importance of pronunciation. After that, they can practice distinguishing the various sounds of the language. Showing them native speaker habits will bring students to an even higher level of competence.

李顯德 Cheyenne Maechtle / 臺北市立大學 英語教學系 講師

The speaker has been teaching in the University of Taipei for twelve years, and has been rewarded as the Best Teacher of the Department and the College. Because of his interesting and humorous teaching, many students love his classes. The speaker has learned many different languages; he used to teach Mandarin in a high school in the United States and is an expert on cross-linguistic analysis. Also, the speaker knows students’ difficulties in learning English speaking skills very well through teaching the courses, Speech and Debate and English Drama. The speaker is willing to share his teaching method; therefore, he delivers speeches and lectures to students and for teachers in different language institutes, from kindergarten to adult English centers, aiming to help English teachers and learners try a variety of teaching and learning methods.

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