My World, Your World

It’s Okay to Be Different

Ladybird Readers 1: Topsy and Tim Go to London

Dolphin Readers 2: A Visit to the City (人物篇)

Oxford Story Tree N/e 1A4-Red: Good Old Mum

Oxford Story Tree N/e 3B1-Green: The Dragon Dance

Oxford Story Tree R/e 3R6-Green: Pirate Adventure (Re-jacked)

Oxford Story Tree R/e 3R8-Green: Castle Adventure (Re-jacked)

The Thinking Train-A: The New Class (BK+APP+Online Game Access Code)

Be Who You Are

Ladybird Readers Non-fiction 4: Knights and Castles

Oxford Story Tree R/e 5R1-Pink: The Kidnappers (Re-jacked)

Ladybird Readers Non-fiction 3: Great Buildings

Me on the Map

Oxford Story Tree N/e 4A4-Orange: Sleeping Beauty

Oxford Story Tree N/e 4B5-Orange: Christmas Adventure

Oxford Story Tree N/e 5A3-Pink: Robin Hood

Oxford Story Tree N/e 5A4-Pink: The Laughing Princess

Oxford Story Tree N/e 5B3-Pink: Paris Advenuture

Oxford Story Tree R/e 4R4-Orange: Red Planet (Re-jacked)

Oxford Story Tree R/e 5R2-Pink: The Flying Garpet (Re-jacked)

Madeline’s Rescue

Daisy: Eat Your Peas

Froggy’s Halloween

Handa’s Surprise

Pearson English Kids Readers: CLIL 3: Festival Fun (Am/e)

Pearson English Kids Readers: CLIL 5: A Land of New Hope (Am/e)

Pearson English Kids Readers: CLIL 5: Harry’s Clothes Project (Am/e)

Pearson English Kids Readers: CLIL 6: A World of Homes (Am/e)

Read and Discover 3: Festivals Around the World

This is the Way We Go To School

A Friend Is Someone Who Likes You

A Story, a Story

Arrow to the Sun: A Pueblo Indian Tale

Ashanti to Zulu: African Traditions

Curious George Rides a Bike

Dolphin Readers 4: Where People Live (人物篇)

Dolphin Readers 4: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (文法篇)

Dolphin Readers 4: Go, Gorillas, Go (科學與自然篇)

Give and Take


If I Were a Book

Maverick Early Reader 10-Whitle: The Magic Helmet: A Viking Adventure

Oxford Story Tree N/e 6A2-Purple: Viking Adventure

Oxford Story Tree N/e 6B1-Purple: The Evil Genie

Oxford Story Tree N/e 6B3-Purple: A Day in London

Oxford Story Tree N/e 6B5-Purple: Dutch Adventure

Oxford Story Tree N/e 7A1-Brown: The Blue Eye

Oxford Story Tree N/e 7A2-Brown: Rescue!

Oxford Story Tree N/e 7B1-Brown: The Holiday

Oxford Story Tree R/e 7R6-Brown: Betty’s Secret (Re-jacked)

Read and Discover 4: Wonders of the Past

Read and Discover 5: Homes Around the World

Tina and Friends 6-5: Ben’s Summer Dream

Smithsonian STEAM Readers 2: Bones on Display

Smithsonian STEAM Readers 2: Living in Sunlight Extremes

Smithsonian STEAM Readers 2: Piecing Art Together

Smithsonian STEAM Readers 2: Protecting a Sinking City

Always Room for One More

Desmond and the Very Mean Word

The Man Who Walked Between the Towers