Fly Away Home

Freedom’s School

Light in the Darkness

The Story Of Ruby Bridges

Hidden: A Child’s Story of the Holocaust


The Harmonica

Beatrice’s Goat

Rose Blanche

I am Rosa Parks

Counting on Community

Martin & Mahalia: His Words, Her Song

The Butterfly

Martin’s Big Words


Follow the Drinking Gourd

Malala, a Brave Girl from Pakistan/Iqbal, a Brave Boy from Pakistan

Waiting for Pumpsie

May I Bring a Friend?

Ladybird Readers Starter B: In the Mud

Ladybird Readers Non-fiction 1: Rex the Dinosaur

Be Who You Are

Willy the Champ

Maverick Early Reader 6-Orange: The Black and White Club

Classic Tales 2/e 4: Cinderella

Pearson English Kids Readers: Disney Story 3: A Bug’s Life

There Is a Bird On Your Head!

“Slowly, Slowly, Slowly, ” Said the Sloth

Pearson English Kids Readers: Disney Story 5: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Elizabeth Leads the Way

17 Things I’m Not Allowed to Do Anymore


Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type

Edwardo the Horriblest Boy in the Whole

Emmanuel’s Dream