Let’s Talk, Let’s Learn, Let’s Go!

跨世紀的牛津兒童主教材「Let’s Go」為台灣英語教學種下許多未來的種子


2019年,Oxford Primary PRO隆重登場,快來和我們一起進化教學!



Mark Richard is a Taiwan-based trainer with seventeen years’ ELT experience in East Asia and Europe. He has taught all age groups in various schools and agencies. As OUP’s Educational Services Manager, he regularly presents at TESOL conferences, and is a certified trainer for the Oxford Teachers’ Academy. He loves to fill his students’ minds with curiosity so that they work hard without realizing it and think for themselves.


Session 1 | 09:15 – 10:45 Let’s Talk, Let’s Learn, Let’s Go! Get going with New Let’s Go 5th Edition

Engaged, motivated students are successful learners, so how do you inspire 21st century children to enjoy learning English? The answer is to find the right blend of grammar, four-skills practice, and engaging user-friendly technology for class and home.

In this workshop, you’ll meet an exciting new edition of Oxford’s international best-selling English course for young learners, now available at eight levels. We will try fun, collaborative activities to engage students’ minds and bodies. I’ll also show you how, when and why to use our new digital animated videos.

Whether you are an experienced user or a newcomer, find out how to energize your classes with the trusted Let’s Go methodology and get your students talking in English from the very beginning.

Session 2 | 11:10 – 11:50 How Let’s Go Integrates with Readers

This session is for teachers who would like their students to benefit from the power of reading, but want to know more about how to use Readers alongside their main course book.

I’ll show you how to integrate Readers into your curriculum. I’ll explain how Oxford correlates Readers with the Let’s Go syllabus, and why we believe adding Readers is the single best change you can make to your school’s English courses. I’ll also show you what you can do with Readers in your lessons, even in limited time, to build your students’ reading habits and deepen their feel for English.


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  • 完整參加即可獲得:Let’s Go 形象束口袋、Let’s Go 對應推薦讀本書單(示意圖如下所示)、講座研習證書、現場抽獎機會


5/21 TUE.

台北場 Taipei


犇亞會議中心 15 樓 DD+EE會議室

台北市松山區復興北路 99 號 15 樓

☎ 02-87928621

5/19 SUN.

高雄場 Kaohsiung


國立科學工藝博物館南館 S204 研習教室


☎ 07-5615716

5/16 THU.

台中場 Taichung



6 樓 博斯廳


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5/14 TUE.

桃園場 Taoyuan



1 樓 101 教室


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